An integral part of our belief is to provide safe, quality and highly effective products. Our research and development partners and suppliers play a key role. WHB has more than 10 years of experience in enzymes development and has been working with established US and Taiwanese enzyme manufacturers. We insist on the most rigorous quality control from the source of raw materials to extraction and fermentation, all the way to production and packaging. Currently, there are two series of WHB products available to the mass market:

The Zyme11 Enzyme

A high-activity compound enzyme with a five-year fermentation period.

Produced by the oldest enzyme factory in Taiwan utilising technology from Japan, the factory has invested over a hundred million dollars to build the largest enzyme storage tank in Asia, as well as a professional R&D team and a chemical and microbiology laboratory. Zyme11 enzyme has passed 18 product safety testing and is accredited with HACCP certification, ISO2200:2005 certification, organic certification of Japan Anlai Food Factory, and it is the only enzyme product in China to obtain Health Food No. (1998) No. 057 and ISO9001 certification.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Quality product from GELITA Germany with over a century of established history.

The 100-year-old German GELITA Group selects non-polluting raw materials and hydrolyses them into small-molecule collagen via enzymes, resulting in a product with high solubility, high absorption rate and no bitter taste. Accredited with ISO certification and HACCP, GRAS certification, EU patent: 0254289-B1 patent certification has curative effect on osteoarthritis, and patent number: US4804745 patent certification has curative effect on osteoarthritis.