WHB's corporate mission focuses on helping everyone to have a healthy body and happy family, thereby promoting a harmonious society. We believe that prevention is better than cure and to stay healthy, one should treat diseases as soon as the warning signs surface. With this philosophy, the House of Enzyme was founded. The Enzyme House is the tour de force of WHB in promoting the concept of “Prevention is better than Cure”. It provides you with a good business opportunity and career development through our exclusive business model.

Our strategy is focusing on training a group of local enzyme professionals. WHB will provide marketing and operation training on our competitive advantages, through practical courses, online consultation, e-learning, detailed business strategies, quality products and additional information which allow the operators to master the application of enzymes therapy, and to customise the necessary health treatments and value-added services such as dietary plans, lifestyle suggestions, exercise plans, and recommendations of health care equipment. This one-stop business model will help you to expand your services while helping your customers to be healthy, and can boost your business volume or help you to build a career in the healthcare industry.


We meticulously curate quality enzyme brands in Asia Pacific that have overwhelming efficacy in improving the digestive system, detoxification system and skin.


We have an authoritative team in the field of enzymes, providing our operators with extensive knowledge on enzymes and understanding of customer's needs through one on one consultation and specialised equipment testing to further customise a treatment plan for customers.


We provide more than just products and value add to make the relationship with our customers indispensable. We also empower our operators to enrich themselves on the wealth of information we put up on our E-learning website and deepen their knowledge on health and wellness, thereby allowing them to become a respected and regarded figure in the field.