Founded in 2008, WhereHealthBegins Pte. Ltd. (WHB) is the first company in Singapore to focus and specialize on enzymatic health products, it has partnered with the American Society for Nutrition to train Singapore’s first batch of enzyme therapists.

In 2013, WHB partnered with Origo Biochemical Technology Inc., founded by Mr. Chen Minghe, the Taiwanese “father of enzymes”, to develop high-quality compound enzyme: the Zyme11 complex enzyme for the South East Asian market.

Our Vision

  • Bring health to customers.
  • Improve quality of life and create value for society.
  • Provide benefits to employee and stakeholders.

Our Mission

  • Comprehensive healthcare therapy targeted at root causes, helping people keep illnesses at bay and regain their health.
  • Promote preventive healthcare and create a healthy and harmonious society.
  • Be a leader in the preventive health care sector.