To avoid pain and illnesses, one must address the root cause of the problem - this is something we strongly believe in. A disease is not formed in a day, it is caused by an accumulation of long term deterioration from neglect and poor living habits.

Before a disease is formed, the body will continually show us signs that it is not in equilibrium. People are often misled by these signals, such as aches and swellings, and tend to resort to drugs to get rid of these warning signals. Pills to regulate blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, and control cholesterol ignore the root cause of these problems, and prolonged consumption of these drugs will only harm the body further, triggering chronic diseases and turning into serious health threats.

With more than a decade of experience in preventive healthcare, WHB decided to set up the House of Enzymes health management concept. Through the combination of quantum medical instruments and enzyme therapy, it helps people to evaluate their health status and recognise the warning signs of a disease, and provide a complete, customised health improvement plan. Helping people keep illnesses at bay and regain health!